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Resourceful Central Teens Find Way to Help Others, Without Leaving Home

June 10, 2020

When the COVID-19 crisis hit New York City, teen Central members Jonah and Ben Gleeman did more than sit back and watch; they took action. Together with their friend and classmate Ryan Spiegel, they founded Doorstep Donations—a completely teen-run organization that makes donating to those in need safe and easy.

The group— now more than 50 volunteers strong—safely picks up donations of food or other essentials from your doorstep (or a convenient location of your choice) and provides it to those in need. The organization has grown to include several cities in New York and Canada, and partners with established organizations such as Meals on Wheels and Feeding Westchester, which focus on food distribution. In the last few months, they have delivered more than 15,000 meals.

We encourage Central members to learn more about Doorstep Donations’ easy, safe, and risk-free way to help give back. The organization will pick up your donations of food and essentials from your home porch, or even your doorman.

You can also donate to Doorstep Donations’ Go Fund Me page, with 100% of proceeds going to communities most in need.