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You Can Help with An Innovative Treatment for COVID-19

April 2, 2020

A number of Central Synagogue members are connected to the lifesaving efforts that are ongoing at Mount Sinai Hospital. This includes exceptional medical care and innovative research. Due to recent heroic efforts by several physician scientists at Mount Sinai, there is a new potentially lifesaving treatment for people who are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Here is how it works: Mount Sinai hospital staff have begun actively checking the blood of patients that have recovered from COVID-19. Recovered patients with high antibody titers are eligible to donate plasma (a procedure very similar to donating blood) which can then be used to treat patients that are currently critically ill due to the virus.

If you or someone you know have recently recovered from COVID-19 infection and are interested in donation visit this site.

And if you would like to learn more about this innovative procedure visit this site.

A hearty thank you to all of our members who are in the medical profession fighting on all fronts to protect and save lives. You inspire us and we are grateful for your service.